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Welcome to the author's studio of artisan fragrances &  peculiar artefacts!

Here you will find natural oils, scented candles, dark jewellery, crystals, lace, leather pieces, and other history inspired handicraft.


By A.





"I love them all so much. Hard to decide which one is my favourite as they all smell so good. I get easily headache from regular perfumes, but these are just lovely. Not overpowering and just giving you a hint of freshness and mystique. On top of that the packaging is just beautiful and looks amazing as decoration. I also love the little cards that describe the inspiration and list the ingredients. Perfect for a goth girls home :-) Right now I am wearing a different perfume every day, depending on my mood. When I decide on a favourite I will definitely purchase a big one. Maybe I'll even try a solid one."



"I purchased this for my wife as a birthday gift, and it was beyond my expectations! The package was beautifully presented with a delightful vial of tea which was a very well received surprise. The seller is a joy to do business with - all in all, a great experience. Needless to say my wife was very pleased."

—  Etsy customer

"Best perfume I've ever had! I'm totally in love! Smells lovely like a day in the misty woods. Packaging was also especially cute with the flowers. ❤
Thank you so much!"

—  Etsy customer



"Just another amazing candle from By Dark Tales!
Brings a cozy feeling in these cold, dark evenings.
Such natural, light and sweet smell. Love the wooden wick that makes little cracking sounds."

—  Etsy customer

"I absolutely love the smell of this candle! It was delivered to the office where I work and I left the candle on my desk for the day. Everyone who passed my desk wanted to know what smelled so good and where they could buy it. Highly recommend!"

—  Etsy customer

—  Etsy customer

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Founder. Designer. Head Alchemist.

Hello! My name is Arina, and I'm a professional writer-biographer with a degree in history and psychology. Despite the scientific work, all my life I've been fond of handicraft, esoterics and gothic subculture. One side of me always had to be professional, but the other was going into the darkest periods of history (the ones I'm not writing about...yet) and creativity.


As a writer, I work in two genres: history and grim fiction, writing Gothic Fairytales. While creating dark worlds, I have also been trying to illustrate them through art.

This is how the idea of "Dark Tales studio came up - I needed to spill my imagination not only through words but also through other artefacts: fragrances, scented candles (an indispensable attribute of every writer), loose leaf tea, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces and other creations.

Dark Tales was founded in July 2019 in Moscow (Russia) as a hobby, and in October I already had my little shop running on Etsy. Today the studio is expanding - in September 2020 Dark Tales moved to Uppsala (Sweden) and got an official company registration.


Sometimes I am so dedicated to the process, that I lose the sense of time and stay up the whole night.

As a designer, I take my inspiration from nature, literature, and history - this is why many themes have historical and fictional motives.

I care about every single piece my studio creates; therefore, all items are unique and made of high-quality materials that are collected from all over the world.

Hope you enjoy it!


If you haven't found an answer in the FAQ, Privacy Policy or in Terms & Conditions, please write to me, and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Also, please let me know if you have ideas for a personalized item, which we can create together.

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