Here you can make your own gift set which will contain six tea samples*.


The set includes:
- 6 Mini Tea Blends (one sample is enough for approx. 3 cups).
- Gift box.
- OPTIONAL: Star tea strainer, designed with charms. Please note that every stainer will be styled with different charms.
- Tag with a corresponding stamp (let me know if you want me to include a personalised note on it).


Available Tea Blends:
- Midnight Fairy.
- Forest Witch.
- Medieval Village.
- Black Forest.
- Mulled Wine.
- Love Potion.

- Green Mango.

- Vanilla Sky.

- Snow White.

- My Valentine.

- Mad Tea Party.

- Mother Nature.

- Cave of Wonders

- Countess.

- Good Night

Have a great tea-party! :)

Tea Samples, Gift Set of 6 Teas

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