Welcome to our gorgeous set of solid fragrances placed in an elegant silver-plated locket that you can take anywhere with you.


This solid fragrance can be a perfect gift for any event. 


You can find refill tablets for the locket here.


- Locket with a silky tassel (the colour of the tassel differs according to the fragrance, for example, silver for "Castle Ghost", black for "Gothic Girl" and similar).
- Smooth flannel bag with Dark Tales' logo and silver silk ribbons.
- Two-sided description card.
- Black gift box.
- Optional: personalized gift message.



Please note that here we offer you to pick a solid fragrance from two lists: Original Line (11 fragrances) or Boho Line (5 fragrances). See below.




::ANTIQUITIES:: (new*) - Unisex scent with a persistent fragrance of old cedar in the base, spiced with myrrh, vetiver, and black musk. The smoked pear and angelica bring memories of the past, complemented by the light touch of coffee scent.

• Head notes: White Musk.
• Heart notes: Angelica, Coffee, Smoked Pear.
• Base notes: Myrrh, Vetiver, Cedar, Black Musk.

::BATHORY:: - Light flowery and fruity fragrance at first, taking you deeper into the woodsy and eathly darkness while opening in its fullness.

• Head notes: Orange, Bergamot, Clary Sage.
• Heart notes: Rose, Ylang-Ylang.
• Base notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood.

::BLACK MAGICK:: - Sweet-spicy and unique fragrance. The combination of cinnamon and vanilla is bewitching.

• Head notes: Orange.
• Heart notes: Clove.
• Base notes: Ginger, Cinnamon, Vanilla.

::CASTLE GHOST:: - Very dark, saturated, earthy, and sweet fragrance. As the memory of the ghost’s former life, who is moving in between the rooms and dark corridors of an old castle.

• Head notes: Fennel.
• Heart notes: Rose.
• Base notes: Oak Moss, Vanilla.

::FOREST WITCH:: - Woodsy fragrance, leading you deep into the thicket of the misty forest.

• Head notes: Bergamot.
• Heart notes: Neroli.
• Base notes: Oak Moss.

::GOTHIC GIRL:: - Dark and bitter-sweet scent filled with herbs of the forest and rose notes.

• Head notes: Bergamot, Honey Peach.
• Heart notes: two different types of Roses.
• Base notes: Black Musk, Vetiver, Oak Moss, Myrrh.

::MEDIEVAL:: - Deep, saturated, and a little spicy, inspired by the mid-century Catholic Church atmosphere.

• Head notes: Lavender, Blue Lotus.
• Heart notes: Jasmine, Geranium.
• Base notes: Frankincense, Black Musk, Sandalwood, Myrrh.

::MORNING POWDER:: - Delicate, sensual, and powdery scent.

• Head notes: White Musk.
• Heart notes: Honey Peach, Rose, Geranium.
• Base notes: Vanilla.

::MYSTIC INK:: (new*) - Is a gradual fragrance, going from low and quite dark earthly notes to light and sweet ones, changing its shades.

• Head notes: Neroli, Sweet Orange.
• Heart notes: Rose, Red Rose, Violet, Angelica, Turmeric.
• Base notes: Frankincense, Peru Balsam, Soil Moss, Oak Moss, Oud.

::OLD LIBRARY:: - Warm, deep, saturated, woodsy and powdery spicy-sweet (even a little “dusty”) fragrance.

• Head notes: Bergamot, Basil.
• Heart notes: Rose Tree, Cedar.
• Base notes: Vanilla, Vetiver, Peru Balsam.

::VICTORIAN:: (new*) - This fragrance, as the Victorian times itself, is balancing between romanticism due to the flowery notes and scepticism (frankincense and musk), rationalism and mysticism, with the central accord of a rare Damask Rose.

• Head notes: White Musk, Neroli, Grapefruit, Ylang-Ylang.
• Heart notes: Rose, Rose Tree, Jasmine, Damask Rose.
• Base notes: Frankincense.



::BLACK ROSE:: -Deep and beautiful fragrance, where the Black Musk is helping the Rose bouquet to open in its gorgeous darkness.

• Head notes: -.
• Heart notes: Rose (main note).
• Base notes: Black Musk.

::BOHO:: - Light-sweet, sunny, and euphoric fragrance reminding of hippie culture: love, colours, and happiness.

• Head notes: Lemon.
• Heart notes: Grapefruit & Orange (equally main notes).
• Base notes: Vanilla.

::DEEP GERANIUM:: - Elegant and classy fragrance with somewhat sweet, but balanced notes.

• Head notes: -.
• Heart notes: Geranium (main note).
• Base notes: Vanilla, Ginger.

::SPICY JASMINE:: - Delicately-sweet and woodsy fragrance with a bit of spice for those who like Oriental notes.

• Head notes: Bergamot.
• Heart notes: Jasmine (main note).
• Base notes: Spicy Sandalwood.

::SWEET DREAMS:: - Tender-sweet and calming fragrance for those who like to be balanced. This perfume can also be used before going to sleep as it has a relaxing effect.

• Head notes: Sweet Orange.
• Heart notes: Lavender (main note).
• Base notes: Vanilla.

Solid Gift Set — Pick From 16 Fragrances

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  • - Authentic beeswax, which gives the scent a bit of warmth.
    - Shea butter for smoothness and longer preservation.
    - Vegetable glycerin. 
    - A mix of 100% real essential oils*.
    *Depending on the oils used in the scent, the colour of the solid fragrance will differ from bright-yellow to dark-brown.

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