"Smoked Wood" is a warm unisex perfume with a strong woodsy scent. It is made for those, who enjoy sitting by the fire, listen to cozy cracks of wood while it burns, and inhale the sweet amber of the saturated smoke with somewhat spicy notes.


The beautiful combination of smoked pear and cardamom brings a picante scent to the perfume, meanwhile gentle eglantine softens it with a note of wild rose, combined with powdery nutmeg.


SAMPLE (1,5 ml)


The perfume consists only natural INGREDIENTS:
- Base: Grapeseed oil.
- Vegetable glycerin.
- A mix of 100% real essential oils and studio-produced plant extracts.


• Head notes: Eglantine.
• Heart notes: Smoked Pear, Nutmeg, Cardamom.
• Base notes: Pine, Agarwood.


Smoked Wood Oil Perfume

15,00 €Price
  • You might be curious about the difference between the Limited Edition line and other Dark Tales' perfumes, and why there is a contrast in price. The first difference is that for the Limited Edition we used studio-produced plant extracts. The process is very time- and energy-consuming (for example, pine, birch, oak and moss extracts took over 4 months until they were ready for further transformation into perfume ingredients). And secondly, the Limited Edition perfumes have a much higher concentration than Original and Boho lines, therefore you need to use less perfume because they last much longer.

Moscow, Russia

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