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Imagine a medieval monastery library from the novel "The Name of the Rose" by Umberto Eco - full of dark secrets, manuscript treasures, world knowledge, wooden bookshelves and labyrinths of secret passages... The monks in dark heavy clothes growing herbs on the monastery hills that spread its rich smell all over the area.


Or in case if you don't know that masterpiece of literature, the "Old Library" Perfume reminds of old dusty books with fragile pages, which soaked up the smell of the wooden bookshelves. You take one of those hundred-year-old books and get comfortable in the velvet armchair with a cup of hot and sweet tea with bergamot.


The perfume consists only natural INGREDIENTS:
- Base: Almond/Grapeseed oil.
- Vegetable glycerin.
- A mix of 100% real essential oils.


• Head notes: Bergamot, Basil.
• Heart notes: Rose Tree, Cedar.
• Base notes: Vanilla, Vetiver, Peru Balsam.


Please keep away from direct sun rays and other heat sources.


- Oil Perfume Sample comes in an amber bottle with a mat description card.

Old Library Perfume Sample

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  • Please keep away from direct sun rays and other heat sources.

    WEARING TIME of perfume, made of natural ingredients, is individual for every person. The body absorbs the oil that it needs the most, therefore, the bouquet will be different. This makes natural perfumes special because they will never sound the same for everybody. Some perfumes last longer, some shorter, but approximate wearing time is between 3-4 hours. 

    TIPS: the fragrance will last longer if you apply it on clean, slightly moisturized skin; also, can be applied on hair. Do not rub it, let the skin take in the oil the natural way.

    Before applying oil-based perfumes on different parts of the body, please make a local test (preferably, on the wrist) to see if you have any allergy reactions. Since the perfume is based on essential oils, rarely they might cause slight irritation or redness on the skin. This is very individual, so please take care of testing it before wearing perfume longer time.

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