Pick 1/3/5/8 samples from our new "Mythical Perfume Collection" by Dark Tales! 🥀


This perfume line was inspired by grim folklore and tales from all over the world. 


Every sample comes with a two-sided description card. You get a flannel logo bag from 5 samples.


Here is the list of samples in the "Mythical" box:


::BABA YAGA:: - A smell of a witchy forest hut.
Notes: Juniper Wood • Siberian Pine • Myrrh • Black Currant • Benzoin • Black Pepper.

::DRYAD:: - The fragrance is filled with wood and berry notes, as if the heart of the forest is hiding inside the perfume bottle.
Notes: Sandalwood • Juniper Berries • Rosehip • Litsea Cubeba.

::HANSEL & GRETEL:: - This fragrance imitates the smell of the witch's gingerbread house made of sweets.
Notes: Vanilla • Coffee • Ginger • Chocolate • Black Currant • Rosehip • Sweet Orange.

::HAUNTED MANSION:: - Is a dark fragrance with a powdery touch of the old wood, dust, a pinch of tobacco, filled with gloomy-sweet memories of the past.
Notes: Cedarwood • Tobacco • Oak Moss • Vanilla • Powdery Neroli.

::MEDUSA:: - Is a very green and stinging aroma, for those who like to feel themselves beautiful and dangerous.
Notes: Soil Moss • Green Tea • Laurel • Lemon.

::MEMENTO MORI:: - The fragrance is a combination of mortality reflected by soil scents, and hope, brought in by flowery and fruity notes promising life.
Notes: Frankincense • Baked Soil • Oak Moss • Violet • Velvet • Neroli • Mandarin.

::PHOENIX:: - This perfume is a metamorphosis of spicy citrusy fragrances taking one over another, inducing the fire and Sun in its soul.
Notes: Black Pepper • Magnolia • Honey Peach • Sweet Orange • Ylang-Ylang • Mandarin.

::QUEEN MAB:: - Is a warm and powdery evening fragrance like velvet night in a garden.
Notes: White Musk • Styrax • Angelica • Black Currant • Powdery Neroli.

::SPIRITS:: - The fragrance is a subtle reflection of what the spirits might be in the author's interpretation, combining light and darkness in one scent.
Notes: Nutmeg • Black Currant • Violet • Blue Lotus • Mandarin • Laurel.

::VALKYRIE:: - The fragrance is feminine, yet has a warrior's strength displayed by a touch of metal scent and a wave of the wind.
Notes: Frankincense • Sandalwood • Vetiver • Lily • Clove • Eucalyptus.

::WINTER TALES:: - Is a fresh and woodsy feminine fragrance leaving a trace of mystery.
Notes: White Fir • Thuja • Atlas Cedar • Orris • Magnolia • Apple • Bitter Orange • Verbena • Mint.

"Mythical Collection" Samples - Pick from 11

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  • - Base: Grapeseed oil.
    - A mix of 100% real essential oils.

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