"Mother Nature" is a mixture of Ceylon black tea and Rhododendron Adamsii. The tea has no flavourings. The aroma of dry tea leaves is unusual and captivating from the first moment. The tea smells of the fresh forest, with some light lime notes and a hidden sweetness.


Small bag volume: 135 ml. (Approx. 18 tsp.)*.
Large bag volume: 380 ml. (Approx. 44 tsp.).


*In the gallery, you see the small bag. 


Brewing Time: 2-5 min.
Water temperature: 90-98°.
Mixing recommendations: 2 tsp for 500 ml.


Small Tea Blend (135 ml), five one-time-use tea bags in an eco kraft bag.
Large Tea Blend (380 ml), ten one-time-use tea bags in an eco kraft bag.
Please note that the crystal teaspoon is optional.


The infusion is thick, transparent, chestnut-coloured. The taste is pleasant, with a slight bitterness and an unusual note that the Rhododendron Adamsii gives to the tea.


P.S. Please note that all of our teas come in a black plastic package with a hermetic zipper to keep your tea safe from humidity.

Mother Nature Tea

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