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Originally designed as a massage bar, it also works as a body butter. It melts at the body temperature and works perfectly for massaging purposes. But then the body absorbs the oil, not leaving fat signs, so it doesn't require washing the butter off. Natural soy wax, included in the bar, covers the skin with a very light and tender top layer, smoothing and protecting your body. This effect is especially handy during winter times when the skin needs some extra protection.


The weight of one star: 4-5 grams. The set contains 3 stars. 


Instead of stars, you can order the same amount of massage bar in a heart shape (see last photos in the gallery).


Available fragrances:
- "Passion" (Rose, White Musk & Vanilla).
- "Sweet Jasmine" (Jasmine & Vanilla).
- "Delicate Lavender" (Lavender & Lemon).
- "Chocolate" (Vanilla & Cocoa).
- "Boho" (Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange & Vanilla).


- Natural Soy Wax.
- Natural Cocoa Butter.
- Natural Grapeseed Oil.
- Essential oils.


Massage bars are entirely handmade products created from natural ingredients. And for you to receive them fresh, we create them individually (made to order) within one day. :)

Massage Bars/Body Butter

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  • Before applying this massage bar/body butter on the whole body, please make a local test (preferably, on the wrist) to see if you have any allergy reactions. Since it is based on real essential oils, rarely they might cause slight irritation or redness on the skin. This is very individual, so please take care of testing it before rubbing it all over the body.