Welcome to our new "Mythical Perfume Collection" by Dark Tales! 🥀

This perfume line was inspired by grim folklore and tales from all over the world. 



In 1314, when a great famine fell upon Europe, parents often left their children and, in some instances, even ate them. Scholars believe that the wicked German folk tale about Hansel and Gretel was born out of these horrors, and then published in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm, in their famous "Grimm's Fairy Tales".


Hansel and Gretel is a story of abandoned brother and sister who fell into the hands of an evil witch living in a house made of gingerbread, pastries and candies. She planned to eat them; however, the children outwitted the witch and killed her instead. This fragrance imitates the smell of her house.


SAMPLE (1,5 ml)


Hansel & Gretel | Oil Fragrance

  • • Head notes: Sweet Orange.
    • Heart notes: Black Currant, Rosehip.
    • Base notes: Vanilla, Coffee, Ginger, Chocolate. 

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