"Good Night" is a pure mix of Ceylon black tea and fragrant lavender. The tea contains no colourants or flavourings. It can be recommended before going to sleep due to its relaxing and stress-relieving functions.


Small bag volume: 135 ml. (Approx. 18 tsp.)*.
Large bag volume: 380 ml. (Approx. 44 tsp.).


*In the gallery, you see the small bag. 


Brewing Time: 2-5 min.
Water temperature: 90-95°.
Mixing recommendations: 2 tsp for 500 ml.


Bright and fruity-sweet, without any bitterness. The aftertaste is slightly sour caused by the lemon. The aroma is delightful, rich with fruits and berries.


P.S. Please note that all of our teas come in a black plastic package with a hermetic zipper to keep your tea safe from humidity.

Good Night Tea

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