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This is a gift set of two Scented Wax Sachets. It comes beautifully packed in a gift box with a velvet ribbon. 


Sachet (or wax tablet) have a freshener function and can be placed in a drawer, be hanged in a walking closet, bathroom, hallway, in the car or anywhere else.

The weight of every sachet varies from 28 to 35 grams, depending on the decorations. Every tablet has the same amount of wax.


It is made of natural ingredients:
- Soy Wax.
- Essential Oils.
- Dried Flowers, Raw Crystals & Other Topping Decorations.

Available Scents:
- Linden (tender-sweet scent). Decorated with Rosebuds and Moss.
- Christmas (spicy, reminding of mulled wine). Decorated with Lemon, Cinnamon, Anise, Rosemary, and others.
- Blueberry (deep-sweet scent). Decorated with Mint Leaf, Red Tea, and Iris.
- White Musk & Sandalwood (light-sweet and delicate-woodsy scent). Decorated with Chrysanthemum and Raw Quartz Crystal.
- Frozen Heart (light-sweet and somewhat fresh scent). Decorated with Rosebud in the heart and Icy Glitter.
- Tonka Beans & Lavender (moderate-sweet scent with lavender essence). Decorated with Purple Seaweed and Lavender Seeds.


Every sachet is made fresh (within one day) before sending to preserve the smell and decorations. The tablets are wrapped in separate plastic bags.

We can also make customized orders if you would like us to change the style/colors or use other fragrances (not the ones listed above).

Please keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

Gift Set: 2 Scented Wax Sachets (Pick from Six)

18,00 €Price
First sachet
Second sachet