This is a gift set of two Gothic Scented Wax Sachets. It comes beautifully packed in a gift box with a velvet ribbon. 


Sachet (or wax tablet) have a freshener function and can be placed in a drawer, be hanged in a walking closet, bathroom, hallway, in the car or anywhere else.


Fragrance: Forest Cemetery (light floral scent, grass, woodsy motives and the final note of the oakmoss). 
Every tablet comes in a see-through plastic bag (see gallery).


Weight of one sachet: approx. 30 grams (might slightly differ for 1-3 grams).


It is made of natural ingredients:

- Soy Wax.

- Natural Soy Dye.

- Essential Oils.

- Dried Moss.


Please keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

Gift Set: 2 Gothic Scented Wax Sachets


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