"Forest Witch" blending is a mixture of classic black tea, bearberry greens, cornflower, juniper berries and strawberries. Does not contain flavourings. The tea smells mint, wood and bitter juniper.


Small bag volume: 135 ml. (Approx. 18 tsp.)*.
Large bag volume: 380 ml. (Approx. 44 tsp.).


*In the gallery, you see the small bag. 


Brewing Time: 2-5 min.
Water temperature: 90-95°.
Mixing recommendations: 1-2 tsp for 500 ml.


The infusion is intense, fragrant with a beautiful amber shade. The tea has a bright mint taste combined with the delicate bitterness of forest herbs.


P.S. Please note that all of our teas come in a black plastic package with a hermetic zipper to keep your tea safe from humidity.

Forest Witch Tea

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