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Create your perfume together with Dark Tales! 


Here we offer you a unique experience of a customized fragrance made just for you.  


To make this possible, first of all, we would need to know everything about your preferences:
-What smells you like (any description would do): sweet, flowery, powdery, heavy, gloomy, light, fresh, herbal, etc.
-What perfume brands/lines you choose (here we would need to know the exact names, please).
-What particular essential oils you prefer, if any.
-(!) Please let us know if you have any allergies. This is very important because we use only natural ingredients in our perfumery.




The creation of a customized fragrance of 80 ml in a crystal bottle requires two steps:


1. In the drop-down menu, please pick "Step 1" to pay for the first (and most important) part of the work. 
We will create 5 fragrances according to your preferences in 2 ml volume bottles. This will take approximately 10-14 days. Then we will send them to you via post, from which you will have to pick THE one if you like them and want to proceed to the next step. :) 


2. After we have completed creating 5 options for you, you can pick "Step 2", and we will reproduce the fragrance you chose in a beautiful 80 ml crystal bottle with a spray pillow. Please note that the perfume we create will be in a spray-form, which means that the base is a perfumer's alcohol. This step is not obligatory - you can stop just on 5 samples created for you. 

During the whole production, we will stay in touch with you, and discuss your wishes regarding the scent. :)

Customized Perfume Spray Perfume

80,00 €Price
Creating your own perfume
  • Wearing time of perfume, made from natural ingredients, is individual for every person. Some perfumes last longer, some shorter, but approximate wearing time is between 4-6 hours.