Volume: 150 ml.

Fragrance: Orange (essential oil).

Ingredients: sugar, tender soapy cream-base, natural Cottonseed oil, essential oils, flower buds, and seeds.


Sugar Cream Scrub gently peels off dead cells, nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Cottonseed oil relieves irritation and illumines the skin. So, already after the first use, you would see great results! Your skin will become much softer and smoother.

Orange oil is saturated with vitamins and antioxidants that affect the skin at a deep cellular level. The bright aroma of sweet orange helps fight depression, instantly improves mood, gives vigor, and also fights hypovitaminosis and overwork associated with it. The essential oil of orange, in combination with scrub, also has an anti-cellulite effect.


The scrub should be used only on moisturized skin.


All of our scrubs are entirely handmade products, created from natural ingredients. And for you to receive it absolutely fresh, we create scrubs for every customer individually (made to order) within one day. :)


Make your body happy!

BOHO (Orange) Sugar Cream Scrub

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  • Before applying the scrub on the whole body, please make a local test (preferably, on the wrist) to see if you have any allergy reactions. Since our scrubs are based on real essential oils, rarely they might cause slight irritation or redness on the skin. This is very individual, so please take care of testing it before rubbing it all over the body.

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