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Many ask how did it happen that I became a perfumer... Actually, it was quite spontaneous. I always had a sharp sense of smells, especially if they were connected with memories: a scent of childhood, first love, favourite road trip, romantic journey, Gothic face powder from my early 20s, new leather pants, a rock concert and so on. However, I never seriously worked with smells before; I just captured them as aroma-photographs.

I'm a historian with Doctor's degree, many years I worked as a writer-biographer with several published monographs on various subjects. Then I studied to become a psychologist, but I've quit it just before defending the thesis. I realised that I don't need a diploma to be a psychologist - I am one, and will never officially work as a therapist.

But something kept me searching, wondering and trying until I found my perfect niche. As an old goth and a historian, I decided to recreate history-inspired fragrances. What is the smell of the Middle Ages? Or the Victorian era? Or maybe how would Erzsébet Bathory smell like? What is the scent of an Old Library? It is a fascinating and exciting olfactory journey that I wanted to share with you. And I am endlessly grateful to everyone who supported me in this and shared my visions - you, my dear and beloved customers. The best thing is that most of you return to my shop to try new fragrances or purchase your favourite ones again. This is what keeps me moving - your fantastic feedback and love.

Also, I have never been satisfied with the perfumes that mass sellers offered in shops. Everything was so ordinary, so trite and stereotyped. Once I decided to experiment and bought an artisan oil perfume from another seller on Etsy. It was pretty simple: Lavender, Orange, Vanilla and something else... But that's when I thought, "This is it, goddamit, I can do too!". And I did.

Why "Dark Tales"? Where did the name come from?

As a historian, I preferred to work with dark matters and grim periods of the past. My particular subjects of interest were and still are: Victorian England, Jack the Ripper, history of the Third Reich, "Bloody Countess" Erzsebet (Elizabeth) Bathory, Gilles de Rays (a prototype of the "Blue Beard"), Marquise de Sade, Middle Ages, history of torture, Vlad III (Tepes, Dracula), and similar. I have the same preferences in literature - I love Gothic novels, psychological thrillers, bloody biographies, and grim fairytales. Therefore it wasn't hard to merge Gothic vision and history.

The same with jewellery - most of the pieces are inspired by Gothic art, literature, witchcraft and woods. I create things that I could've worn and bought myself. That's why I try to make them just perfect and mostly one-of-a-kind. I spend a lot of time making them unique, which makes it almost impossible to repeat. It is a flow of inspiration and creativity that does not copy-paste.

Will there be any new items or lines?

The next step in the studio would be to include dark artworks and actual "Dark Tales" as a book which I already started writing a few years ago but never had time to finish. This project is exciting, and I am looking forward to finishing the "Gothic Fairytales". It will be a little black book with engravings of my own. But, I'm afraid it will only happen when I open a boutique in Uppsala and hire another assistant to help me out with the orders, which will allow me to focus only on creating. Oh well, oh well....

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