Arina P. Franzén

Founder of Dark Tales. Perfumer.

Hello and welcome to our boutique!

My name is Arina P. Franzén, and I am the founder of Dark Tales. As a background, I am a professional writer-biographer with a degree in history and psychology. At the age of 30, I decided to try something else in life and dived deep into the world of fragrances. I am a self-taught perfumer, currently obtaining a certified diploma at Natural Perfume Academy.


As a writer, I used to work in two genres: history and fiction. However, I always felt that words are not enough to describe what I felt. In addition, since childhood, I have had a very sharp sense of smell and a fascination for fragrances. I capture moments and experiences through scents, which allow me to travel back in time and physically experience those moments again. For example, how did your first date smell like? Or a trip to France? This is how the idea of Dark Tales came up - I wanted to create new stories not only through texts but also through senses. Every perfume I make is an olfactory tale, taking you away from reality: to an Old Library, for example, a medieval abbey or a deep forest (you decide).

Dark Tales was founded in July 2019 in Moscow (Russia) first as a hobby, and in October, I already had my little shop running on Etsy. Today the studio is expanding - in September 2020, it was transferred to Uppsala (Sweden) and got an official brand registration. Hopefully, soon we will open our first physical boutique.

I work together with my husband Tim Franzén. Sometimes we are so dedicated to the process that we lose the sense of time and stay up the whole night (literally).​ We care about every piece the studio creates; therefore, all items are unique and made of high-quality materials collected worldwide.

We also love our customers and try our best to make you feel comfortable and secure with us. Therefore we take it personally to provide the best customer support - the way we would've wanted to be treated ourselves, as good old friends.


I hope you enjoy a journey with us!

Yours, A.